Tile and Grout Cleaning

City Property Services offer tile and grout cleaning for a range of residential and commercial properties.

Our team utilise high-pressure, high-heat, and recapture technologies to deliver the highest quality clean possible, every time.

A combination of our highly-trained team and environmentally friendly, innovative methods will restore your floors and wet areas by blasting them free of dirt, grime and other residues. All impurities and water are extracted back to the vehicle’s waste tank, leaving floors dry and clean.

Our tile and grout service will restore your floor to new again. For more information, contact one of our friendly team members or continue reading below.

Our tile and grout cleaning service

Shiny tiles and grouting make your home look clean and stylish. Therefore it’s important to maintain tiles for long-term health and aesthetic benefits. City Property Services clean a variety of tile materials including but not limited to, sandstone, granite, ceramic, porcelain, slate, terracotta, limestone, marble, travertine, vinyl, concrete, terrazzo, and more. We clean tiles and grouting in all areas of your property, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor tile flooring
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Shower tiles

Satisfaction guaranteed

City Property Services completes an individual assessment to determine the specific scope of work for your property. This service agreement guarantees a consistent level of service in line with industry standards. City Property Services can attend your premises after hours to minimise disruption to occupants or staff.

With over 25 years’ experience and 200+ accredited staff, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of tile and grout cleaning for our valued clients.

Our 5-step process leaves tiles and grouting gleaming

  1. Our cleaning professional applies the special cleaning solution to the dirty tiles and grout
  2. The cleaning solution is left to rest and work its magic
  3. The entire surface is rinsed, neutralised and dried
  4. Our equipment is used to agitate the surface. All impurities and water are extracted back to the vehicle’s waste tank, leaving floors dry and clean.
  5. A sealer can be applied to help protect the area to maintain it for a more extended period (optional)

Why is it essential to hire a professional cleaner?

Unfortunately, cleaning tiles and grout using home-made methods isn’t enough to deal with persistent stains, dirt and mould entrenched in tiles and grouts. Our professional team possess the know-how and the latest technologically-advanced equipment to complete the job and leave your tiled area looking renewed. Here are a few benefits of our professional service.

  • Increase tile lifespan. Prolong the life of your tiles by making them sparkling and brand new.
  • Save effort and money. Tile cleaning requires proper training and equipment. Lack of both could result in tile damage, which will hurt your hip pocket.
  • Healthy environment. The tiles in your property get seeped with stains, dirt, and mould, which can cause health issues.

Numerous health studies discovered nine different types of bacteria found in grout and tiled surfaces. They also found these bacteria could lead to eye, lung, and potentially stomach infections. These studies back-up why professional tile and grout cleaning is so important.

Let’s lay it out. Your property’s floors and walls take a lot of heavy foot traffic, and harsh treatment from the environment. This leads to tiles locking in odours from feet, shoes, drink spills, and general filth. Over weeks and months, this leaves your tiles with a smell that can’t be removed unless it’s done professionally.

Our team of cleaning professionals remove dirt, allergens and microbes using state-of-the-art cleaning technology and environmentally friendly solutions. Take care of your family and book a tile and grout clean today.

Our industry-leading credentials

City Property Services leads the way in the cleaning industry for best practices. We invest in technology, processes and training to ensure we continuously meet numerous accreditation requirements. Our certifications include:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Certification ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health & Safety AS 4801

In addition to our Environmental Certification ISO 14001, we also use innovative cleaning technologies in line with our Level 4 ecoClean Environmental Certification. Level 4 status is the highest possible certification and represents industry sector leadership for adopting best practices in all cleaning activities.

Our highly-trained staff possess all the relevant accreditations and experience to complete a safe and efficient turnaround on your property’s tile and grouting. If you need your tiles cleaned, then you need City Property Services.

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