Stadium Cleaning

As one of Australia’s most certified cleaning companies, City Property Services has the scale and experience to professionally clean large-scale event venues nationwide.

The health and safety of staff and patrons is our highest priority. That’s why our dedicated team of professional cleaners possess the appropriate certifications, including Quality Management System ISO 9001, Occupational Health & Safety AS 4801 and CM3 Workplace Health and Safety.

City Property Services is an established cleaning company within the events and sporting industry. Talk to one of our friendly team members today or continue reading for more information.

Talk to one of our friendly team members today or continue reading for more information.

Our stadium cleaning service

City Property Services offers a range of internal and external cleaning services, including:

  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • High-pressure washing
  • Seat stain removal
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning
  • Washroom solutions
  • Machine-operated sweeping
  • Rubbish disposal

stadium cleaning services

Our Individually Tailored Service

Our services range from general cleaning to waste picking and removal, toilet cleaning, consumable restocking and emergency response cleaning. We also provide broadcast compound cleaning, event turnaround cleans and exterior power-washes. Our team of professional managers and cleaners carry out all pre-event, during the event, and post-event cleaning.

During the onboarding process, City Property Services conducts an individual assessment to determine the specific scope of work for your facility. This service agreement guarantees a consistent level of service in line with current industry standards. We believe in a tailored solution to your unique needs.

High pressure washing to keep stadiums sparkling 

City Property Services offer high-pressure washing services to return your stadium or venue to brand new condition. We have modern high-pressure washing equipment to maintain a clean aesthetic in your stadium. Our innovative cleaning techniques keep floors, walls and seats free of chewing gum, food and beverage stains, bird droppings, and other contaminants. This one-off service is critical to maintaining a professional and accommodating venue

Our stadium cleaning process

Our team are responsible for the mobilisation of appropriate resources, undertaking any necessary recruitment and the establishment of an operational framework required for meeting industry standards. Here is a snapshot of how our process unfolds.


Our foundation is built on sound communication between our managers and cleaning professionals. We work diligently – as a team –  to cater to the specific needs of the organisers, venue, and event.

The planning of clean-up supplies and equipment is completing before the event. This level of organisation ensures an efficient clean up before the event, during the event and immediately after guests leave. Our pre-planned processes are directed towards staff numbers, waste removal and management, toilet cleaning and restocking, emergency response cleaning and street rubbish pickups.

Co-operating with stadium staff and broadcast partners

Working alongside different contract teams can prove difficult, especially where there is a difference of expectations in the timing of tasks. We achieve synchronicity through communication with event organisers. Our managers keep in constant contact with event organisers to ensure there are no clashes with the event itself.

Our meticulous preparation means minimal clashes with organiser expectations. The City Property Services management team lead the cleaning crew with flexibility and guidance to ensure all required tasks are carried out efficiently.

Managing patron traffic

As with any large-scale event, anticipating patron traffic levels is a challenge. Our primary objective is to maintain excellent cleaning standards throughout the event – especially in high patron traffic zones.

City Property Services identify high traffic areas, and cleaning frequencies are adjusted to match the patron expectations for cleanliness. By increasing the rate of cleaning in the high traffic zones, the overall venue aesthetic is transformed.

Our flexibility of service is paramount, and staff are always aware of the need for flexibility during such an event. Our cleaning crew pride themselves on contributing to the positive culture of an event with positive attitudes at all times.

Why choose City Property Services?

Family owned and operated, City Property Services is an Australian-based cleaning company with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. We are proud of our emphasis on the client, that’s why we start every new relationship with a tailored cleaning solution to the businesses’ unique needs.

City Property Services offers efficient and affordable commercial cleaning solutions Australia-wide. Our 1000+ clients receive a tailored service without unnecessary extras.

City Property Services owes its ongoing success to our dedicated staff who share the company’s commitment to delivering excellence. The combination of our staff, technology and industry-leading processes has led to City Property Services being one of Australia’s most accredited cleaning companies.

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