Pros and Cons Of Steam Cleaning

Pros and Cons Of Steam Cleaning

Home and business owners often choose steam cleaning for their carpets because it’s considered to be an effective and affordable cleaning solution. But is it the best option for you over conventional cleaning? Let’s take a close look at the pros and cons of steam cleaning.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning machines use water, heated to high temperatures, to clean. The steam vapor that is generated cleverly breaks down dirt, grime and sticky residues.

Pros of steam cleaning

Here are some of the reasons why more and more people opt for steam cleaning over traditional vacuum cleaners or use of a mop and bucket.
• Time: Less time is needed compared to using a mop and bucket. There’s no requirement to lug a heavy bucket around or keep changing dirty water.
• Germs: Steam is very effective at removing germs and bacteria without extra chemical solutions.
• Chemical Free: No chemicals are needed, just water, so it is much better for you and the environment.
• Multi Purpose: A good steam cleaner can be used for hard floors, carpets, tiles and even drapes. Clean your windows and even remove grime from your bathroom with this one handy machine.
• Effective: A team cleaner is very efficient when dealing with high traffic areas that have ground in dirt and stains, particularly in schools and office buildings.

Cons of steam cleaning

Whilst steam-cleaning machines are versatile and effective the biggest safety concern when using them is without a doubt related to the steam itself and the potential for getting burnt. Steam cleaners heat water to high temperatures to generate the vapor. Whilst using it, you need to ensure you do not accidently let your skin or eyes make contact with the steam.
Depending on the model you use, some can also take a while to warm up and can be rather clunky to maneuver. Make sure you do your research before you buy, or hire, a machine to ensure it has the right features for its intended use and a power cord long enough for you to move around your home or office.
Whilst steam cleaning is a very effective method of removing hidden dirt and germs from around homes and offices, depending on the area you need to address it might be smart to call in the experts in commercial cleaning. Professional steam cleaning machines are tough and designed to address the most stubborn stains and dirty floors.
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