Community & Sustainability


At City Property Services, we are proud and longstanding supporters of youth chaplaincy ‘Red Frogs’. We believe their work, which provides relief from drug, alcohol and mental health issues within the community, is imperative to our community’s evolution, education and spirit.

In addition, City Property Services takes our obligation to give back to the local community very seriously and so we provide rebates and subsidies to local business clients and club communities to assist with their ongoing sustainability and growth.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a core principle of our operation and actively encourage our team of professional cleaners to rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle and repair. Our Environmental Certification ISO 14001 and Level 4 ecoClean accreditation support our commitment to ongoing responsibility and innovation in this area. We consistently improve our environmental performance by continually assessing, identifying, and addressing environmental risk.

City Property Services is committed to waste and energy minimisation. All staff are trained in cleaning procedures, correct operation of equipment, proper waste handling processes and effective chemical handling.

The cleaning products used by our team of professional cleaning experts are carefully selected to minimise packaging and maximise opportunity for toxin-free recycling of waste, such as the ISO9001 accredited True Blue chemical dispensing systems and their new True Green range of cleaning products.

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