Our Approach

our approach

A Spotless Reputation For Commercial Cleaning In Brisbane

Our reputation for superior commercial cleaning in Brisbane and South East Queensland is spotless. That reputation is the key to the rapid growth of our company into a national concern, with hundreds of clients happy to recommend us as the experts in retail, corporate and specialised cleaning. The excellent word of mouth is based on the fact that we do a great job: simple. But, part of that is the consistent high standard we expect from our staff and our dedicated, professional management approach.

Our approach to business management

City Property Services began as a small family business providing commercial cleaning to the Brisbane area. It has grown into a team of highly experienced, professional commercial cleaners who carry out large scale specialised cleaning projects across Australia. Our Managing Directors, Mark and Emmett Roche, bring over 25 years’ experience in the cleaning industry to our company. Their reputation for blending expert knowledge with a friendly, honest communication style is what keeps our clients returning again and again for all their commercial cleaning needs.

Our clients are many and varied, ranging from pubs and clubs through to corporate office buildings. To ensure we can offer the best possible service, our staff members also have a variety of skills – which means we can hand pick the best team for every job. Our staff are supported with ongoing training for new skills and techniques so that we can treat every site on an individual basis, working at the optimal level for your unique site requirements.

Our general aim at City Property Services is to provide our clients with a reliable, quality assured cleaning service that also represents great value for money.

Our approach to quality assurance

Our approach to quality is quite simply to exceed our clients’ expectations. We achieve this by responding rapidly to every request, using experienced and well supported onsite cleaning teams, and ensuring every site is inspected by supervisory staff when the job is done. City Property Services has undergone a full testing process in order to gain AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Assurance certification. We take our responsibilities in this area seriously and guarantee to provide exceptional cleaning services to our clients.

Our approach to workplace health and safety

City Property Services will always provide, promote and maintain a workplace that minimizes risk to the health, safety and welfare of our employees. This guarantee includes our own office spaces and warehouses, and extends to cover any site on which our cleaners are engaged. We place great value on the safety of our cleaners, clients and the general public. We continually improve health and safety within our company by providing training opportunities for our employees and immediately addressing any areas of risk. We are CM3 Workplace Health and Safety Certified and we will never compromise the safety standards of your onsite personnel or ours in the process of undertaking cleaning duties.

Our approach to environmental cleaning practices

At City Property Services, we are committed to conducting our business while protecting the quality of the environment. We have ecoClean Environmental Certification and endeavor to use green cleaning technologies wherever possible. Our company guidelines encourage us to ‘rethink, reduce, reuse, re-educate and recycle’. We apply these principles at our own business premises and as part of every contract we undertake. This includes making minimal use of electrical power, tracking our fuel usage and taking great care to dispose of chemical waste in a responsible fashion.

Rest assured that when you choose City Property Services you are tapping into over 25 years of professional, technical expertise in commercial cleaning, based in Brisbane but available anywhere. Email us now or call 1300 630 636 for a free quote, or to discuss any aspect of our company policies and client commitment strategies.

Think City Property Services for all your commercial cleaning needs – from Brisbane, across Australia. Call us today!